NaPoWriMo 2023 — Day 28: “Cowboy”

28. Cowboy

Because of a goodbye kiss
we will miss our favorite
band play, but it will
be a small sacrifice
with the reward of escape. 
Cowboy, you are desert brush
tumbling by. You leave
whirlwinds behind.

I can’t get too close
to the stage because
your brightness
blinds me.     No
spotlight necessary
because I see you,
I see you.    You against
the sun, a shadow man
promising rescue.
I truly thought
my smile could save you.

The end of the tour
means “we’ll see
what happens in
a year”, but two
minutes here
in the belly of
this canyon contains
eternities, ones
where you walk away
but your heart remains.

“You keep it for me”,
and I forget about 
its delicacy until it rains
and the thunder shakes
the ground.   Storms
mean you’re coming
back around.   Sunshine
means you’re singing
again.     And moonlight
in your eyes means
I’m going to drown.

Cowboy, you are a
season I can count on,
a spring awakening,
a winter reprieve. 
One day maybe
my tears will work
like magic.
You’ll finally
notice them
and never leave.

Photo by Taylor Brandon on Unsplash

Published by Jennifer Patino


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