Movie Mothers

I want to call you up

and say that every

movie I watch lately

stars you. All of

these mothers. Different

mothers. Some like

you. Some I wish

were like you. Like

them, you wore a

staged smile and

aged gracefully.

Julia Roberts. Kathy

Bates. Goldie Hawn.

Whoopi Goldberg. Tantoo

Cardinal. Faye Dunaway.

All of them playing the role

of mothers at some point.

Like you. These mothers

taught you too. I quote them

now as well as you do, and you

as well, you all hide

in my mouth. I cling to

these imaginary mothers.

Award-winning mothers.

But I save a space on

my shelf for you… Mother,

I can’t even pick up

the phone. I don’t want

to admit that after all this

time I feel like I’m

obsessed with you. Mothers

at windows. Waiting

for phone calls from

daughters too terrified

of the past to come through.

Published by Jennifer Patino


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