I Hate This Dream

I Hate This Dream

on a crumbling seawall

you wanna talk

ultimate dreams,

but it’s too late for that

this is a dream of a first kiss

that shouldn’t have happened

in the first place

you wake up giddy

and it’s never about me,

no, nothing was

ever about me

counting loose carpet threads,

hearing downstairs, TV blares,

and there’s a personal war

being fought via telephone

I hear your ringtone in my head

and even though you’re dead,

I wanna answer angrily

I wanna wake up because

you’re an official nightmare now,

making my skin itch like the

polluted salt did at that nasty, old beach

I wanna release from the ghosts

of that murky sea, I want your sneer fading like that tourmaline

sunset destroyer, like that

whole damn day could be washed out by afternoon rain

and the aftermath wouldn’t matter

I wouldn’t bat an eye,

I wouldn’t come to

facing another lie

Published by Jennifer Patino