Notice a Pattern

Notice A Pattern

Tinkling of windchimes
curbs the loneliness
of a distant night

has deserted me
I’m dropped off,
abandoned by
the hooting owl

Shadows remain
to soothe me
Something tangible
under the invisible
& obvious oppression
Yes, there are dark corners
to cling to
Wind makes ghosts
of the clothesline

Seeping into
the yellowed walls
of this
I’ve built
out of
tattered dreams
& resistance

Stretched out
over a neon town,
covering me like needles,
the barely recovered
survivor of too many storms

I whisper my guilt
over not letting go
to the hanging vines
& they shiver,
beg me to silence
my pain

Once-glossy stars
have lost their shine,
& air pressure shifts
while clicks signal
the incoming rain

The glass beads
knock incessantly
I answer
the sky
with a glare

Published by Jennifer Patino