Bloom: A Poem


What about when the heart knocks back?

This gloom bloom,
torn apart, throws itself
against a fragile wall,
too weak to penetrate
a constricted chest,
ears ringing with the
boom, boom, boom

No one hears the call,
a quiet voice
in the background fades,
get some rest“, “take deep breaths“,
the heart is screaming,
vision blurs as one dreaming,
soon, soon, soon

What about a heart attack?

One that halts a beat,
forces your senses
to look for signs,
to remember that this
is part of being alive,
to lose someone who’s
doomed, doomed, doomed

Just because I can no longer
hear it doesn’t mean it isn’t there,
“take care“, “there, there“,
feel those waves of despair
and release them through the bloodstream,
stifle the anguished screams that
bloom, bloom, bloom

February 16, 2019

Published by Jennifer Patino


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