Moon Monologue

Some would accuse you of taunting. I know better. I know you, O Moon, sweet Luna. Many have described you to me but none can be more beautiful than this moment, here with my own eyes, nearly blinded by your tragic brilliance. I know some who have drawn more close to you. I can imagine them waving down at me. Blinking love notes in star twinkles. Flashes of lightning illuminate you, & I turn away lest I cry. I miss them, sweet Selena. I am jealous of you for your closeness to my lost friends. My lost loves. My family. I refuse to allow your presence to bring torment upon me. I cannot betray your face in such a way. Once you are hidden again, I will miss you, as I miss my companions tonight. My comrades who died fighting the best fight. Kiss them for me. Leave a silver beam upon their brows. Until next time, my love. Shine on.

Published by Jennifer Patino


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