#OctPoWriMo Day 9


my heart
skips beats,
my mind
is a record
on repeat,
& I sing
to meet them

what I say
is a combination
of feel-good melodies
& melancholic
depending on
the day

I have a choice
on which voice
to tune into
until a
demanding scream
commands the daydream

then it’s still
harmonic cacophony,
symphonic agony

until the
sweet favorites play
& shove sadness
out of my way

Published by Jennifer Patino


17 thoughts on “#OctPoWriMo Day 9

  1. There is so very much to love about this poem. It reminds me of the movie Fantasia, created in alignment with synesthesia. As someone who very much organizes emotional experience by music, all my spider-senses say, yes! You stay very much on point and illustrate this space with clarity. And I’m resonating.

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    1. I do enjoy singing & used to be in choirs but I don’t think I’d handle singing in front of people so well now. Haha. I’d get too nervous. But I sing to myself still & my husband likes hearing me. (I don’t practice anymore either so I’m sure I’m not as good as I used to be. πŸ˜„)

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      1. I love singing. No training whatsoever (but it’s on my bucket list). I (and my daughter) the only witness. Once, apparently, I was singing at my desk, and a student said I could sing… 😱🀭😳 Pity we have to β€œqualify” to lift our voices, one great thing about church being most forego that to worship. πŸ™Œ

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