#OctPoWriMo Day 11

To My Muse, I Cannot Name

you were the voice I answered
in childhood, my safe haven,
swooping angel enticing me,
dragging me through
hallways of ancient memory,
clearing my eyes
to see what could be
hidden behind the ordinary

so many doors & storms
to open & fly through,
you guided me, showing me
how lightning can attach
to nerve endings,
how kaleidoscopic colors
surround everything,
how pain takes many forms
& how every stage
of my metamorphosis
can bleed onto paper

under your eye, I am safer,
clouds billow in pictures,
every space is an aether
for a new voyage,
a creative endeavor,
every night is
the right time to stay alive

I abandon you sometimes,
shut my mind from your
influence while I
let sporadic thought
gain perspective, significance

you call from every corner,
wait patiently for me
to endure another reverie;
I am a mere sojourner
traveling by your precious insight,
navigating darkness,
shunning light,
hoping for a rainy day
to stir my empty heart,
to set my soul aright

you’re there little ghost,
giant ocean wave, spirit song,
you dance in concentric circles,
beg me to follow along,
& I comply to save
myself from despairing
for too long

Published by Jennifer Patino


17 thoughts on “#OctPoWriMo Day 11

      1. I havenโ€™t checked in for a while because life got hold of me there for a little bit and because you werenโ€™t writing much for a while. Just turned on site notifications (thought it was on…) So glad to see youโ€™re being more prolific. Hope you are doing/feeling well!

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