#OctPoWriMo Day 13


after riding so high
atop ocean waves,
fancy free & wandering,
I learned the terror
of near drowning
in icy waters
out of my fragile control

I had to let go
of a life I planned for me,
& understand
that the meaning
of truly living
would forever be
in the habit
of changing

bonds of torment
left me open
to other things
winding more
serpents around me

some came disguised
in love frames
while others
were demons
I fought from within

seemed a cop-out option,
a giving up, but I found out
I was more free
when I let it all be

I won’t lie,
I’m still imprisoned,
but this sentence
is met with a still stream,
a heart that accepts
that nothing is ever
as it seems

during times of trial
& fire, I release desire
to exceed limits
& float along
until the sad song
runs its course
with no remorse
or regret for days past

at last
I can see
there is indeed
some meaning
in the throes
of suffering,
a chance
to appreciate
little happy things

in breakdowns
& breakthroughs
I am still me,
I’m surviving,
I’m doing
the best I can do

Published by Jennifer Patino


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