Happy Halloween!

Hey, all. I’m taking a little Halloween hiatus from my hiatus to share this spooky poem I recently wrote. My good friend Migs (@OminousHallways) on Twitter read it last Saturday on a Discord Spooky Poetry Reading hosted by Legends of the Veil and it was fantastic. There were so many creepy poems he read by others and some of his own wonderful words as well. Be sure to check them both out! Unfortunately, the download isn’t available anymore to listen to the podcast but I’m sure there will be more to follow!

I hope you all have a spooktacular and fangtabulous time tonight. I’ll be inside watching horror movies, which I’ve been doing since September. 😀 I’ll probably still be mostly on break for the next week or so but I have plans to really tackle November and get some writing done so of course I’ll be sharing here and over on my Twitter. Be safe and socially distant tonight if you do venture out! And please wear proper masks.

On a personal note, I’ll find out the exact details this AM hopefully, but my brother had another psychotic episode and has either been arrested or put on a psychiatric hold again. This has been a back and forth thing for a few years now and honestly my brother hasn’t been lucid in months. It’s taking a toll on my mental health as well, and my mother’s and sisters’ but we’re doing the best we can to manage everything. My sleep schedule is so whacked (not that it already wasn’t with my being a night owl) and so is my appetite. But I’m taking steps to try to get myself back on track and this break from the internet has done some wonders. My physical illnesses have not been very kind to me the past couple of months but I’m doing the best I can there too. I want to thank you all once again for all the prayers and kind words. I also want to note that the reason I don’t leave comments on most of the time is because I become extremely overwhelmed by them. Some days every extra click I make online causes me to “lose a spoon” (chronic illness talk for “fatiguing me”) and it’s not anything personal against readers at all, it’s just something I have to do for me to keep as pain free and energized as possible. Feel free to use the Contact Form if you do need to reach out. I can handle an email better than multiple comments every day. 🙂 It may take time but I will get back to you, believe me.

Here’s the poem. Happy Halloween everyone! 🎃


‘Beware her,’
my Grandmother told me.
‘She’s a messenger
for the Sandman
in dreams.’
She told me
if he saw me
floating around
in that lucid state,
he’d keep me.
Then I’d never awake.

A dark-haired woman
wails in the corner
of my cobwebbed
memory palace,
and I dare not
approach her.
She sees with powers
I will never know.
Her eyes are
hollow holes.

When she senses
my presence
she’s the last face
I see. Her mouth
open wide,
finger pointing,
accusing me
of treading
where I’m not wanted.
Then I’m haunted,
choking on a scream.

She’s marked me
for the next time
I cross sinister seams.
She and that shadow man
wait in sleep for me.

Pleasant nightmares everyone!

Published by Jennifer Patino