Poem — “Open”


Star-kissed eyelids, fingertips

chipped with flecks of violet,

hands shaking, paper cuts,

mastering silence, the door

is shut

Remember winter, Madonna’s

Immaculate Collection album,

Megaman III, a false sense of

innocent security, introspection,

praying for snow, checking,

eyes beckoning, the door is

still closed

A cobwebbed corner, worrying,

thinking you hear creatures

scurrying, holding breath,

fearing death, visualizing that

last glance back, realizing, in

terror, the door has opened

a crack

The coolness of sheets, the weight of

screams, an electric neck, a collision

of planets somewhere, a stomach full

of youthful doubt, a locked closet

with no way out, a stellar cosmic fire

Down to the wire,

don’t look now,

the door is

no longer there

November 11, 2017

Published by Jennifer Patino