She’s Cosmic, Consistent

She’s Cosmic,

moving like liquid magenta
across the dance floor
toward a blackened corner,
        I see her
         flirting again

      I think of spilled drinks
       & consistency

“a ‘tini for the teeny”,
so quasar cute,
         but empty around the eyes,
         a black hole soul

      I think of heartache
       & hearsay

have you ever
scraped a fallen star
from off the ground,
         beyond rock bottom,
         where no light has touched before?

      I think of loneliness
      & laser beam precision

she cries every dusk,
cascading space dust of regret,
a crater in her chest,
          the sky seems bigger
          when I see it by myself

      I think of meteor showers
      &  the art of minding my own business

the tub is lined with sequins
as her astral lullaby plays,
on repeat, repeat:
         the night is
         young & glorious

      I think of the Orionids
       & how we’re growing old

  Too old,
  too old for this

April, 2019

Published by Jennifer Patino


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