the chorus of
glum faced girls,
all with greying hair

have buried the maiden
too soon, now they sing
a crone’s song

while hounds howl along,
their hearts punctured
by grief’s vicious spear

where burning becomes
a state of being, & ashes
are the taste of comfort,

& forgetfulness is
considered a blessing
especially in this now, this here

crow feathers in the snow
shine clear, appear
as memoriams of dark times,

as reasons & explanations
behind cascades of tears,
stone angels’ wings

make no sound, stir
no more, never again
shall they wrap around
a dreary daughter,

hold a newborn child
born from earth &
sweetgrass, never will

a summer be so mild
in future imaginings,
or in any remembered past

longing might kill
an abandoned woman,
but her yearning spirit,

carved into the very essence
of sorrow stones
& burdened bones, will last

Published by Jennifer Patino


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