Felt musical. Might delete later.

The Wonderful Annie & My Ok Singing — Yesterday (Beatles Cover)

Annie asked me if I’d like to sing a song with her playing the ukulele after I attended one of her late night “muck sessions” on Twitter Spaces. I haven’t recorded anything in 15 years & I don’t practice singing anymore. It definitely shows! πŸ˜€ But this was a lot of fun to do & hey, that’s the point, eh? I also lack the proper equipment to do a decent recording, but I think she did a wonderful job mixing it. She is also singing the backing vocals. Thank you so much, Annie, for putting this together!

Annie’s Blog
Annie’s Twitter

(Please be kind in the comments. I know my voice needs work!) ❀

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48 thoughts on “Felt musical. Might delete later.

  1. Meditative. I could loop this version. The pairing of instrument and voice is inspired. Blackbird next? It’s a favorite of mine. Your version of Yesterday approached the intimate aspect of Blackbird I have loved from day one.

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  2. I’m a uke player so I’m biased but there is something fundamentally soothing and recentering about ukulele, and it’s a perfect companion for your voice. Beautiful work, both of you! πŸ’œ

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