Anthology For a Friend

Hey everyone. I wanted to post and let you all know that “Anthology For a Friend” (Edited by Victoria Hartman) is now available to purchase through I have some poems in here and every piece is dedicated to a member of the Twitter writing community who is no longer with us. Scott Beebe was always encouraging toward me and so many others. He always told me during online conversations about mental health that if I ever needed to talk he was there. There were a few times I needed to talk and he helped me through them. His death is still something I can’t fully process and I’m taking my time with it and have kept private about it. All I can say is that I miss him. I still find myself crying for him.

The link to purchase “Anthology For a Friend” is HERE.
All proceeds go to Scott Beebe’s Memorial Fund at AFSP.

Thank you to @poetryforyouu & @juliussorlovsky

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