Abandonment Echoes

Abandonment Echoes

perfected pettiness,
blood lines in the sand,
a house divided
down its fraying center

mystery ladies &
illnesses, forgotten
birthdays & keeping
the phone on silent

on mother’s day,
pretending father’s day
doesn’t exist, pretending
we are islands, alone

weaving a tapestry of truth
in a code only familial tongues
can decipher, only bonds
of revenge can speak

falling asleep with years
of remorse on my teeth,
& dreams of being birthed,
& wanted, kept,

re-birthed, held close
by a face I can never see,
or else I would fail
to ever awaken completely

(March 15, 2019)

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

Published by Jennifer Patino


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