#OctPoWriMo 2021 — Day 6: “Someone Said There Was a Blackout”

Someone Said There Was a Blackout

didn’t even miss it,
that techno tether
burning a vitriol hole
through everyone’s pockets

by next week, all will be
forgotten, down that
cavernous void, or up
into that cloud
we think we know about

but there’s so many
blowing whistles
you would think
someone would take heed–
what’s that you just said?
i was busy
reading this tweet

everyone you meet
can’t make eye contact,
we kiss over screens,
miss out on the sky scenes

evidence in photographs,
tagged pixels, macro murals,
it’s all happening, but nothing
is valued, remembered, just shared
& spared all explanation

I’ve lost all solar sensation,
my light is blue, my cosmic hue
dulled, readjusted, my spine askew,
what can we do for you?
night visitors demand a response
but they’ve appeared during
the wrong renaissance

& no one answers
when they’re alone,
& no child is born
without first staring
into the eye lens
of a cellular phone

Image by Otodex from Pixabay

Published by Jennifer Patino


15 thoughts on “#OctPoWriMo 2021 — Day 6: “Someone Said There Was a Blackout”

  1. This had the effect of instantly making me long to shut down everything, but then how would I get your poems? ☺️ I live for the blackouts, and scrolling-induced vision problems are about to make me take another break, but I always come back…

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    1. I feel you. I have to take the screens in increments, but there are times I miss the days without all this. I missed everyone’s poetry & sharing mine the most when I did take almost three years off, so it’s like this odd trade off that right now is worth it to me. I was asleep during the recent “big blackout” & I was truly amazed to see so much mention of it. I’m a lot better about stepping away when I need to than I used to be, which is good because I was only hurting myself.

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  2. This is a really beautiful poem! On the one hand, it is about the here and now and very aptly described (& no child is born without first staring into the eye lens of a cellular phone) and on the other hand, it is so otherworldly, so sublime! Reading this poem was an experience of a kind!

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