Two of my poems featured @ Fevers of the Mind today

Hi everyone! Just wanted to let you all know that my poems “Disable” & “51/50” are published over at Fevers of the Mind today. These are part of the online “Trauma Letters Anthology”. You can click here to read them. Thanks so much!

Published by Jennifer Patino


17 thoughts on “Two of my poems featured @ Fevers of the Mind today

  1. Both these poems are so good! The second one (51/50), especially, I found very touching! You have recreated the atmosphere inside a psychiatric ward so well that you’ve been able to convey the trauma and pain that people with mental health issues admitted in these places go through. Outstanding, I should say! And take care!

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    1. I am one of those admitted patients and the multiple psych ward experience in itself was extremely traumatic for me. I found it more harmful than helpful honestly. That was a tough write for me, but it needed to be written. Thanks so much for reading. I appreciate your comments, Dominic.

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