Poem: automatica


screaming match:
the head
the erratic heartbeat

I’m telling you this for your own
benefit/good.I would show you
but I’m tired/misunderstood.I
can’t whisper effectively.I can’t/
can I flutter somewhere further away?

default volume:scolding tone

It’s cold still/in here.I should/
could/would keep rolling.Close
the curtains.Sun/Fire/Star/Porch-
light is too bright.Viscous eyes.
Oh, quiet.I’m thinking/sleeping/
concentrating on a steady life plan/raft.

thrumming & dumbing

down/down/down with nostalgic
notes.Unpredictable slips.Memory gaps/
relapse turns a mind inside-out/outside-
in/ where rosebud vessels burst.I told
you.I tried to.I warned you it would hurt.

November, 2017

Image by Darkmoon_Art from Pixabay

Published by Jennifer Patino


11 thoughts on “Poem: automatica

  1. Brilliant use of forward slash. For me it resonates since there’s times I don’t know for certain how I’m feeling or am intentionally being guarded in a response.

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  2. I recently started using automatic writing in my daily practice and what you’ve done here strikes the same chord. We get locked into a style, and feel as if that’s what’s expected of us.

    Liked by 2 people

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