2 Poems: “Anne, I Understand” & “Sylvia’s Medicine”

Hey, everyone! I hope you’re having a good September. It’s already almost halfway over, can you believe it? I have two poems over at Fevers of the Mind today as part of their Anne Sexton/Sylvia Plath challenge. You can check those out HERE. Thanks so much! ❤

Published by Jennifer Patino


9 thoughts on “2 Poems: “Anne, I Understand” & “Sylvia’s Medicine”

  1. Gorgeous poems Jennifer! There are so many great lines here. I especially loved the first stanza in the third part of the Anne poem, and I also liked how the structure of the Sylvia poem feels like I’m taking in the poem one pill at a time!

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  2. These are both magnificent. And you called up a memory of checking out a record of Sexton reading her poetry from the public library when I was in high school. Therapy indeed, then and now.

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