Awaiting Autumn

The fall season is here according to the calendar, but the temperatures outside my door do not align. I’m being as patient as possible, enduring what feels like an endless summer–which becomes an endless flare-up for my neuropathy pain, that has caused my brain to be rather mushy, my hands not capable of keeping up with the physicality of writing, and my mental health teetering despite my best efforts for balance–and feel strongly that all will be well once the temperatures drop. I can only hope for this, of course. Hope with all my dwindling and fatigued might.

Here is a little poem:

the endless summer
teaches strength
to bear the beaming pains

& humility to ask for help
with tear stains on your face

the bright of day will blend
to gold, to ochre
& smoky grey

the winds will blow from
the mountain guards
scattering lonely clouds away

the air will be pierced with
hometown scents:
the harvests, the apples,
the grain

senses reawaken to the autumnal,
only seasonal love remains

Photo by Arina Krasnikova

Published by Jennifer Patino


32 thoughts on “Awaiting Autumn

  1. I’m lucky to live in a moderate climate. I don’t know if I could be as strong as you in coping with the effect of extreme weather on symptoms. Wishing for cooling mountain winds to blow your way soon!

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  2. May the most welcome season come to you soon! We saw our first snow here this week (the meteorologists called it β€˜groppel’ but it was snow as far as I was concerned) and that day I also learned the Ojibwemowin phrase β€œZoogipon” and thought of you. Wishing peace and coolness to you!

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