I Invented a Moon in the Sky That Night Because it Seemed Appropriate

I Invented a Moon in the Sky
That Night Because It Seemed

it’s been a long time since I’ve been
      shining & silver-toed,
      dancing on lawn boulders,
singing songs I hate
but that are predictably
  beloved by others

young girl waltzing
over her own grave

   clutching a bottle
   designed for sharing,

admiring the sweetness
of cheap gas station champagne

my tongue gets lonely,
misses certain
nicotine-stained teeth,
      feels weighed down
       by the regretful things
       that flew like spears from it

the phantom taste of a Vegas
   cherry bomb,
   napalm in the throat,
  the familiar flavor
  of a savior promise is a lie

          you learn the truth
          when you bite into it,

learn that some marks
are supposed to be
violently gorgeous

the more tender a memory
associated with it,
the more neon it glows

older girl staring
   into a mirror,

       enlarging everything,
       buried in skin pore craters

no one should be viewed so closely,

but that evanescent lunar man
always kept his eyes wide open

     especially when he kissed the sun

Photo from Pixabay

Published by Jennifer Patino


25 thoughts on “I Invented a Moon in the Sky That Night Because it Seemed Appropriate

      1. Thanks for being such an encouraging reader of my stories! If there’s anything in particular that resonated well with you, I’d love to hear any feedback comments you might have! 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I really enjoy reading your stories. They’re always engaging. You write characters that I love finding out what happens with. You write very well too. Hope to see more fun adventures from you next year.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. That’s ever so kind of you to say! ❤ I've tried to vary my writing style recently with sci-fi / fantasy, so if there's a particular story that resonated with you, I'd love to hear what you thought! 🙂


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